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More Mulitsite

by on February 18, 2011

Keving DeYoung writes on why his feelings on multisite churches (primarily those that use video) have cooled recently thanks to a little reading of Lloyd-Jones classic, Preaching & Preachers

DeYoung closes with,

So upon further reflection, I just can’t see myself sacrificing the dynamic Holy Spirit give-and-take of the preaching event unless it seemed like every other option had been exhausted. I want to see the people I’m preaching to, even if there are lots of them to see. I want to be at the back of the sanctuary to shake hands, even if I can’t shake every hand and may forget too many names. Most of all, I want to know when I’m connecting and when I’m not, when I said something funny or something dumb, when they are crying or when they are sleeping, when I sense God at work and when I feel that God has done something wonderful in our midst as we worshiped together. I want that rapport, that connection, that freedom, that interplay which cannot come by video.

My heart is not hard to multisite, much less is it hard to those who use it. There may be situations or seasons where multisite is the best of several less than perfect options. But for the privilege of live preaching to live people in the same living space in the shared presence of our living God, I have cooled on the idea.

I would encourage you to read the rest, and take at look at the quotes he cites in his article from Lloyd-Jones here: Why I Have Cooled On Multisite


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