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Renewing the Hymns

by on March 2, 2011

Sing Them Again is the first in a series of articles “introducing the artists leading a renewal movement in church music.” This is a really encouraging movement going on right now. And I think this is the importance and heart of it,

a little research will reveal that many of the great hymn writers weren’t musicians; they were theologians who saw the power that song had in shaping the spiritual lives of their congregations. They worked as theological poets, writing hymns in meters that were commonly used amongst the churches, relying on melodies that were written by others.

Most of the groups in this movements had “had enough of the praise choruses we’d been singing in Bible studies and college ministries.” They are seeking a “renewal movement in church music, a synthesis of the hunger for creative, contextualized music, and of rich texts and deep connections to our history.”

Music of rich texts and theological depth is what our churches need. I pray that we would return to the rich, deep truths of Scripture that were written into the hymns that were once so familiar to us, but that have become nothing but a memory of childhood.

Mike Cosper, who wrote the article is part of Sojourn Church in Louisville of which Sojourn Music is part. Here are a few others in the movement: Indelible Grace, New Old Hymns, Page CXVI, and Sovereign Grace Music.


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