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by on April 3, 2011

As a Christian, our journal is a place to record the works and ways of God in our lives. This can include accounts of how he cares for us, how his Word guides us, as well as how he causes us to grow in holiness through our struggles and triumph over sin. Our journals can also include a diary of personal relationships, a notebook of insights into Scripture, and a list of prayer requests and answers to prayer.

Why do it? Here are the points from the lesson:

A. To help us in self-understanding and evaluation
B. To help us meditate on Scripture
C. To help us express our thoughts and feelings to the Lord
D. To help us remember the Lord’s works
E. To help us create and preserve a spiritual heritage
F. To help us clarify and articulate our insights and impressions
G. To help us monitor our goals and priorities
H. To help us maintain the other spiritual disciplines

George Whitefield’s diary, for example, begins with a list of criteria he used each night as a basis for self examination:

Have I:

1. Been fervent in prayer?
2. Used stated hours of prayer?
3. After or before every deliberate conversation or action, considered how it might tend to God’s glory?
4. After any pleasure, immediately given thanks?
5. Planned business for the day?
6. Been simple and recollected in everything?
7. Been zealous in undertaking and active in doing what good I could?
8. Been meek, cheerful, and affable in everything I said or did?
9. Been proud, vain, unchaste, or enviable of others?
10. Recollected in eating and drinking? Thankful? Temperate in sleep?
11. Taken time to give thanks according to (William) Law’s rules?
12. Been diligent in studies?
13. Thought or spoken unkindly of anyone?
14. Confessed all sins?


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