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The Fear of the Lord

by on June 12, 2011

Here are the quotes that I wanted to share with you concerning “The Fear of the Lord.”

The book of Proverbs equates the fear of the Lord with the knowledge of God (2:5-6). In the Old Testament, the knowledge of God is associated with the experience of covenant relationship with Yahweh. Since God alone possesses wisdom and dispenses understanding to humanity, only those who know God through experience of covenant loyalty with find wisdom’s hidden treasures.


The concept of the fear of the Lord bridges the human subject with the divine king in such a way that God’s storehouse of wisdom may be appropriated by his saints (2:7-10). The fear of the Lord in Proverbs is a composite response of attitude and will shaping human behavior in conformity with the commandments of God.


The idea of the fear of the Lord prevents proverbial wisdom from degeneration into a rigid and mechanistic system of cause and effect relationships. This keeps one from oversimplifying the complexities of life and offering pat answers to hard question. The fear of the Lord preserves the inscrutable (or unknowable) nature of God and maintains the profound mystery of life.

I hope these are helpful in understanding the fear of the Lord as spoken of in Proverbs.


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