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In Our Homes

by on July 6, 2011

What are we losing in our homes in the present age? Read this telling paragraph from the article “Trees or Tumbleweeds?” by Michael Horton in the the latest edition of Modern Reformation Magazine:

Visiting with Christian families in their homes is often a rewarding perk of pastoral ministry. Yet it can also be disappointing. Break the ice with some mention of sports, and sometimes the younger members of the family eagerly engage, rattling off statistics, players and plays. Or break out a piece of technology and they can actually show you what it does! Movies make for easy conversation. But then you break open the Scriptures, ask a catechism question or two, and try to talk about God, and the room often falls silent. Parents hide their sweaty palms, nervously offering to refresh drinks, while the children begin to stare off into space or break out their cell phones and video games. We all have to ask ourselves: What really matters? And what really matter to our children is at least some indication of what really matters to us.

What might we need to recover in our homes? And if our children really matter to us, what should we modeling to them and teaching them?


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