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Good Reading

by on November 3, 2011

Here’s a post to take note of. It’s on Tony Reinke’s new book Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books. Here’s a small excerpt from the beginning of the interview:

Good reading isn’t just about finding good books. It’s knowing how to read the good books you find. So let’s hear from Tony as we consider ways to improve and increase our reading.

Trevin Wax: What are the different ways one should read a book? Why should certain books be read one way and other books read another way? And how can you tell the difference?

Tony Reinke: Excellent questions, Trevin. I do think books should be read differently, with different degrees of completion and at differing speeds. We must read Scripture carefully and cover to cover. But all other books can be approached differently. I may read the book completely through. Or I’ll read one chapter. I may read the books very quickly. Or I’ll read them slowly.

Trevin Wax: Why the different approaches?

Tony Reinke: The most simple answer is that I read different books for different reasons. Partly this is determined by what I want my books to accomplish. For that I use a series of reading categories that set my personal reading priorities in place. Six categories frame my book choices:

  1. Reading Scripture
  2. Reading to know and delight in Christ
  3. Reading to kindle spiritual reflection
  4. Reading to initiate personal change
  5. Reading to pursue vocational excellence
  6. Reading to enjoy a good story

Continue reading the rest

I really enjoyed the 6 categories he listed above.


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