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Why I Am A Credobaptist

by on November 12, 2011

Why do I believe that only believers should be baptized in water? Why am I a “credo-baptist” rather than a “paedo-baptist” (the term “credo” comes from the Latin which means “I believe,” hence baptism for believers only; the term “paedo” comes from the Greek word for infant). –Sam Storms

I wonder if most professing Baptists have ever even thought about this question? Why do we affirm credobaptism, but reject paedobaptism? Could you defend whatever view you hold from Scripture? I fear this is something that is not often thought about or considered.

I came across an enormously helpful interview yesterday from Justin Taylor that would be very enlightening to read if you’ve never considered this issue. He’s interviewing Stephen Wellum, professor of Christian Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The interview is asking questions based on an essay he wrote for Believer’s Baptism entitled “Baptism And The Relationship Between The Covenants” (click to download the PDF of the article).

He gives views from both sides of the issue, helping to understand the opposing view is important in understanding your own. For how can you know what they claim is wrong if you don’t know what they claim?

Here’s the link: Why I Am A Credobaptist


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