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An Example

by on February 28, 2012

Let us be more like those that went before us. This quote is taken from To The Golden Shore by Courtney Anderson. It’s a biographical account of Adoniram and Nancy Judson (the first American Baptist Missionaries). And for some context, they departed for Burma in the early 1800’s, on a ship. How “easy” it is for us today… Read these thoughts from Nancy’s journal:

Everyone had the same opinion: stay away from Burma. Let yourselves be taken to England. Lose a few years. For the sake of yourselves, for the child you are to have, for the sake of your mission, a few years lost are better than losing all to no purpose in the living hell of Burma.

This argument did not convince Adoniram. He felt that they should at least try Burma, to find out whether a mission could exist there…

Nancy [his wife] agreed. They should at least attempt a mission among “a people who have never heard the sound of the Gospel, or read, in their own language, of the love of Christ.”

…The poor Burmans are entirely destitute of those consolations and joys which constitute our happiness; and why should we be unwilling to part with a few fleeting, inconsiderable comforts, for the sake of making them sharers with us in joys exalted as heaven, durable as eternity! We cannot expect to do much, in such a rough, uncultivated field; yet, if we may be instrumental in removing some of the rubbish, and preparing the way for others, it will be a sufficient reward. I have been accustomed to view this field of labor, with dread and terror; but I now feel perfectly willing to make it my home the rest of my life.

Thus they decided. And, as Adoniram remarked, “dissuaded by all our friends at Madras, we commended ourselves to God, and emarked the 22nd of June.”

What an amazing testimony. Oh! that we would be such a people, to not count our fleeting, inconsiderable comforts to be comparable to sharing in the joys of heaven with those who haven’t heard. Lord, this is our prayer.



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