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God’s Word

by on May 14, 2012

God’s Word, the Word of the Lord, &c. Are these descriptions of the Bible familiar to you? Have they maybe become too familiar? I came across a few passages today that speak to the danger of this familiarity. The first is from Lloyd-Jones’s Preaching & Preachers where he is giving counsel on personal Bible reading for the preacher. He begins, “Do not read the Bible to find texts for your sermon,

read it because it is the food that God has provided for your soul, because it is the Word of God, because it is the means whereby you can get to know God. Read it because it is the bread of life, the manna provided for your soul’s nourishment and well-being (184).

It seems we have lost sight of the reality that we hold the words of the eternal, creator God in our hands when we read our Bibles.  Gabe Fluhrer lamenting on this fact in a recent Reformed Forum on Inerrancy said,

“It was the opinion of our Puritan forefathers that it was one of the greatest and grossest sins to disavow the truthfulness of God’s word.” [read Jeremiah Burroughs wonderful book Gospel Fear]

When God speaks, I think it is just one of the unfortunate problems we have in the modern day, is that when God speaks we are so used to it, so to speak. We’re so used to having Bibles and going to hear preaching in this country that it’s just not wonderful to us anymore. It doesn’t cause us wonder, and it should. Every time you pick up your Bible God is speaking to you and I wonder how many Christians reflect on that, and I wonder how many Christians become dull to that, that God is speaking to us.

If God speaks, he speaks truth because he is the God of truth, it is impossible for Him to lie to us.

This is something that should shape us. It should define us. It should be all that we are as Christians. So, may we continually marvel that God chose to reveal himself to us through his Word, the Bible. And if we are Christians, we should not only marvel that we have his Word, but that he chose to open our eyes to it’s saving message, while we were yet sinners (Rom. 5:8).

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