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Paul David Tripp Tweets

by on March 4, 2011

I don’t know if many of you follow Twitter or not, but if you do have an account, I would suggest you follow @PaulTripp. Below is a sampling of his tweets from the past week or so. He usually posts them every morning and they are great to prepare you for day. They are gospel centered and speak the truth in love.

  • Today you’ll believe that you know you better than God does and conclude that you’re okay or you’ll accept his diagnosis and seek his grace.
  • Today you’ll blame your words and actions on people and situations or own the neediness of your heart and run to the grace you’ve been given
  • Today you will work to convince yourself that you are righteous or humbly look at yourself in the accurate mirror of God’s Word.
  • Your issue isn’t whether you will have the grace you need. No your issue is whether you will live in light of the grace you’ve been given.
  • No matter who you are, where you are, what you are facing, provision has already been made for you on the cross of Jesus Christ.
  • Today there is rescue, today there is forgiveness, today there is power because today there is grace.
  • Penance sorrows over circumstances and does acts of self- atonement. Repentance grieves sin against God and runs to him for forgiveness.
  • If your heart isn’t ruled by God’s honor and your life by God’s plan, you may seem religious, but what you’re living isn’t biblical faith.
  • It is tempting to replaced humble, obedient, God-centered faith with conscience-easing, self-atoning, man-centered religion.
  • Corporate worship is designed to confront you with the glory of the grace of Jesus so you won’t look for life, help and hope elsewhere.
  • Jesus lived for the Father’s glory so that we would be rescued from our bondage to any other glory and live for his.
  • Jesus was willing to bear the shocking horror of the Father’s rejection so you could know the transforming help of his acceptance.
  • With his life Jesus bore your guilt and shame so that in your life you would be defeated by neither.
  • Today you will be faced with choice points. Will you give way to what Christ has already defeated or will you resist in his power?
  • You are never called to battle with sin in your own strength. The One who defeated sin on the cross now lives inside you!

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